City Life

The Capital City of Port Louis

Port Louis, the cosmopolitan capital city of Mauritius was founded in 1735 by the French governor and pioneer Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais. Located on the Northwest Coast, Port Louis is the administrative and business capital of the island.

Buzzing with activity during the day, the city is full of cultural and historical treasures that should not be missed. Beyond the central market, which is a focal point for those who want to feel close to the soul of Mauritius, are many historic sites including the Champ de Mars the oldest racecourse in the southern hemisphere

Places to visit

Port Louis and Caudan waterfront

One of the best places to visit in Port Louis on your Mauritius trip, Le Caudron Waterfront offers you the exhilarating views. From shopping stores, casinos, to fine dining restaurants.

Your trip is incomplete without paying a visit to this part of the city. The sophisticated ambiance of the place will leave you smitten. Whether it is day or night, have a good time with your friends or family.

Blue Penny Museum

Dedicated to the history of Mauritius this museum is the second most important in places to visit in Port Louis in Mauritius. This museum provides the visitors with captivating glimpse of history, art and culture of Mauritius. It is certainly a must visit among various Port Louis tourist attractions.

The Government House and Place D’armes

The Government House in Port Louis is one of the oldest building we can find still standing graciously and dates back since the French colony. Whilst it wasn’t originally like it looks today, the Government House began construction under the first french governors of the island, namely Nicolas de Maupin (1729 – 1735) and Mahé de Labourdonnais (1735 – 1746) and served as the residence of the latter. It served as the venue for the Governor’s official business, as well as the many receptions and functions hosted by the occupant.

Known as the best historical landmark of Port Louis, La Place D’Armes is considered as the very heart of the city. The taxi stand of the La Place D’Armes is famous since 1865, and La Place D’Armes has a statue of Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais which is surrounded with Palm trees serving as the main Port Louis attraction for tourists.

National History Museum

In the centre of Mauritius’ capital Port Louis, in the colonial villa of the Mauritian Institute, the Natural History Museum is situated. Especially for a calm and cool rest from the hustle and bustle this is the place to be. While resting you can extend your knowledge about Mauritius’ flora and fauna. The museum has been founded in 1842 and is Mauritius’ oldest public museum.

Central Market

Port Louis’ rightly famous Central Market, the centre of the local economy since Victorian times, is a good place to get a feel for local life, watch the hawkers at work and buy some souvenirs. Most authentic are the fruit and vegetable sections (including Chinese herbal medicines and aphrodisiacs).

Chinatown and The Jummah Mosque

In the year 1940 a large number of Chinese immigrants set foot in Mauritius in search of trade business under the French and British rule. They started settling around Royal Road, in the heart of Mauritius’ capital, Port Louis and this is how the Mauritian Chinatown’s birth took place

The Chinese have traditionally occupied an important position in the life of Port Louis, and the area between the two ‘friendship gates’ on Royal St forms the centre of the city’s Chinatown. Here you’ll take in the rich mercantile life of the Chinese community, busy Chinese restaurants and grocery stores, and streets echoing with the unmistakable clatter of mah-jong tiles.

The Jummah Mosque is a mosque in Port Louis, Mauritius dating from the 1850s. The building combines Indian, Creole and Islamic architecture. The Jummah Mosque houses the remains of Jamal Shah in a marble tomb next to the mosque.

Aapravasi Ghat

Aapravasi Ghat is a 150 plus-year-old historic site in the city of Port Louis on the North-western coast of Mauritius. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and holds an important place in the history of Mauritius. Its complex is filled with the ruins of what was built in the 1860s.

In this history, Mauritius was a British Colony and Aapravasi Ghat served as a place of the immigrants and labourers who were brought from various other colonies of the Britishers. Although the majority of the place is damaged, one can witness the remaining ruins which are not only beautiful but hold stories of different cultural and historical backgrounds.

Aapravasi Ghat is surrounded by silence and peace, which makes the tourists visit the ghat to not only to relax in the silence but also to learn about and dig in the various aspects of its beauty. Due to its location in the capital city and proximity to the coast, Aapravasi Ghat attracts non-history bluffs too.

Tourists can explore Aapravasi Ghat for half-a-day and then go for a shopping spree to the nearby Caudan Waterfront, Blue Penny Museum, Jummah Mosque, etc. After getting the tag of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Aapravasi Ghat has been visited by more than 3 million tourists from around the globe.

The unmatching beauty of this place makes it a very popular tourist place in Mauritius and if you want to visit Aapravasi Ghat, make sure to read through to know any and everything about it.

Citadel Fort Adelaide

Citadel fort is also popularly known as Adelaide Fort which was named after the wife of William II. The port was named when British held land in captivity in Port Louis.

Highlight: You will also get a chance to have stunning and breathtaking views of the entire city of Port Louis. The Citadel fort has been constructed in Moorish style. Rectangular blocks have been used to construct the Citadel fort. All the arches are horseshoe shaped.

The Crown Lodge Champ de Mars

If you are crazy about horse racing then Mauritius is the place to be. It can gather all the people of Mauritius in a single place. The horse race takes place every Saturday.

Highlights: Crown Lodge not only provides you the perfect view of having the VIP Balcony of Mauritius Turf Club and at the same time it allows to you to view the presentation ring along with your favourite horse in paddock. Champ de Mars is yet another oldest race course which you can visit in Mauritius.