The West Coast

The west and south-west coast of Mauritius will offer you a completely different experience of the country. It is the sunniest and driest region of the island, with a nature and landscapes that will remind you of the African savanna. There are many places to discover and a lot of activities and leisure to experience, at sea or inland, in the heart of nature.

The beaches of Flic en Flac, Tamarin and Le Morne are the most popular for family outings, surfing and kitesurfing and for its heritage as well.

The region benefits from a pleasant temperature all year round, during summer and winter, and has a myriad of activities and leisure for the whole family during your holidays in Mauritius.

Domaine Anna Restaurant

Located in the Flic n Flac area, situated on a former sugar plantation, Domaine Anna is an upscale island décor that boasts great food for lunch and dinner.

Once at the domaine you will be pleased with the lively atmosphere and if you luck out with a table by the lake, the restaurant turns into a lover’s dream of food romance.

The cuisine at the establishment is a crowd pleaser with new twists on old favourites from India, Thailand, China and European as well as Creole dishes. The dishes are expertly prepared. 

Casela Nature Park

Casela is one of the most popular leisure and attraction parks in Mauritius offering a variety of fun and thrilling activities to individuals, families and corporates.

The park spans over 350 hectares and is divided into 5 zones, each with its own unique characteristic.

The 5 zones are Thrill Mountain, Predator Kingdom, African Safari, Pangia Birds and Rides and World of Events.

Ganga Talao – Grand Bassin Lake

Ganga Talao is a crater lake situated in a secluded mountain area in the district of Savanne, deep in the heart of Mauritius. It is about 550 m above sea level.

The first group of pilgrims who went to Ganga Talao were from the village of Triolet and it was led by Pandit Giri Gossayne from Terre Rouge in 1898, which considered the most sacred Hindu place in Mauritius.

Le Domaine de Bois Chérie

Located a few kilometers from Grand Bassin, Bois Chéri is a tea factory and a museum. Bois Chéri is the first tea plantation in Mauritius dates back to 1892.

The Tea Factory

During the visit, you will increase your knowledge about the different stages of production of the tea making process: from picking to packaging, withering, fermentation, drying and sieving. Bois Chéri produces a new range of flavored teas, green teas and herbal teas.

The Bois chérie restaurant

Le Bois Chéri Restaurant, opened since December 2008, offers a charming hilltop setting with panoramic views off the south coast of the island. It offers the very best of the local Mauritian cuisine prepared from the finest local products. This is the only place where you can enjoy a 21st century style culinary innovation with specialties such as tea chutney.

Chamarel Region

Chamarel is primarily known for its scenic locations and nature attractions in its neighborhood. Among them are the Seven Colored Earth, the Chamarel Falls and the Black River Gorges National Park. The surrounding area is also known for its locally grown coffee and for the famous Rhum distillery .

Chamarel Rhumerie

One of the distillery’s strong points is that it was designed to provide a holistic tourism experience to guests. Mauritian architect Maurice Giraud has created a building that blends harmoniously with the spectacular surroundings.

Chamarel Restaurant

Le Chamarel Restaurant, where the only thing as delightful as the food is the unique bird’s-eye view over a mountainous landscape and across to the captivating coastline fringed by the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the horizon.

Chamarel 7 Coloured earth

Nature has her own ways of piquing our curiosity and Chamarel’s Seven Coloured Earth is one of those surreal things that will make yours run wild. With its 600 million years of history, Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth is one spectacular Geo Park destination!

Chamarel waterfalls

Chamarel waterfalls is at a height of over 80 meters, this is the highest waterfall in Mauritius. Also, known as one of the most breathtaking spots on the island, the Chamarel Waterfall offers a truly magnificent view where the cascading waters hit the pool below from majestic heights.

Seakart Adventure

Fun Adventure proposes you to navigate your own Seakart along the west coast. Stop at various places of interest to discover spectacular and amazing sceneries.

The Seakart is a speedboat like no other: spacious, powerful and very stable at the same time, it eliminates all the safety issues that jet skis or traditional speed boats present. 

Île aux Benitier – The Benitier Island

The Benitiers is a popular tourist excursion that is 500 meters in front of La Gaulette. The île aux Bénitiers is two kilometers long along a north-south axis for a maximum width of 500 meters. Its surface is 500 hectares. You will also visit the Crystal Rock located in the middle of the lagoon.

When you are on the island, the cooks will start grilling and in about an hour you will be served a delicious menu consisting of: grilled kebabs, seafood and fish, chicken, sausages, garlic bread, salads. Dessert: Banana flambé. After lunch, you can enjoy relaxing moments – laze on the beach, stroll the island or explore the lagoons and coral reefs surrounding the island.

Le Morne Slave Route Monument

Le Morne Brabant Mountain. The monument is located in a garden with native vegetation. The monument is be integrated with the restored natural environment of the peninsula and the western cliff and slope of the Mountain as a setting.

The monument was purposefully erected at this particular area of the landscape because of its linear connection between the sea, beach, a historical and legendary place called’ Valley of Bones’ and the west cliff face. The locality provides a clear eastward view to the edge of the mountain, caves on the cliff faces and the sheer drop by maroon slaves from the top of the mountain to the ‘Valley of Bones’ to achieve freedom.

Kitesurfing Le Morne Brabant

Kitesurfing from down the line waves to a large flat water lagoon, combined with stunning luxury hotels, at amazing prices, right on the kitesurfing beach of Le Morne. It is no surprise that a kitesurf holiday to Mauritius is just about as perfect as it gets.

Mauritius is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, around and its is widely recognised as one of the very best kitesurfing destinations in the world due to reliable wind and a great variety of kitesurf conditions.

Heritage Golf Club

Located in the southern part of the beautiful island of Mauritius, the course is set on an idyllic piece of land between rolling mountains and the turquoise lagoon of the Indian Ocean.

Accompanied by beautiful vistas from every green and tee, it is one of the most spectacular golf courses in Mauritius. The Heritage Golf Club offers a truly exceptional and enjoyable experience of golf in Mauritius for golfers of all handicap levels.

World of Seashells

Mauritius, World of Seashells presents 8,000 pieces from the collection of Mr. Le Court de Billot. This passionate Mauritian conchophile has collected seashells from around the world with concern of ecosystems and species. The collection began before him with his parents. They entrusted it to him as they also passed on their passion for shells.

During your visit, you will discover all the secrets of the shells: their morphology, their living mechanism, their defense system, the beautiful, perfect patterns and dreamy colours.  You will also learn how men have used shells throughout the world over the course of centuries.

Safari Hunting

Mauritius also offers hunting for world class rusa stags. We have access to the best district, where the stags are huge and where only stags of gold medal winning class are shot.

Both spot-and-stalk and driven hunts are common on Mauritius, depending on what you are hunting. For rusa deer, most hunting is conducted by spot-and-stalk, although high seats and blinds are also used. The terrain consists of forest edges, swamps, rivers, and dense jungle. Most hunters are successful on stag in two days or less, and a small-game or bird hunt is often included or added.

The Rochester Falls

Rochester Falls is a waterfall situated in the Savanne district of Mauritius. Highly popular for its rectangular flank rocks, the fall is one of the most popular tourist attractions and the widest waterfall in Mauritius.

A must visit tourist attractions in Mauritius; the Rochester Falls has been in the spotlight for being featured in many Bollywood movies. One of its main features is the unique and dramatic cliff face which has been transformed into jagged rectangular blocks by the force of powerful water over the past hundreds years.

La Roche qui PleureThe Weeping Rock

Mauritius was in the front row when Mother Nature was giving out blessings in the form of natural wonders!

This outstanding landmark is located in the district of Souillac and is accessible from Gris Gris beach. A walk through the lush greenery will lead you to the end of the headland where you will be able to witness this so-called optic illusion of a weeping rock (La Roche Qui Pleure).